8th Grade

This is an older post I found from last year when I used to teach Culinary Arts and had 8th graders.
Three of my 8th grade students did not finish their work and therefore I did not let them cook.
Two got mad about this.
They tried to leave the classroom.
K: Can I go to the bathroom?
Mr. C: Do one question, and I will let you go. You haven’t done any work.
K: (pushes her stuff off the desk and pushes the desk.) Nah fuck that I’m leaving.
(she walks out the door)
As I’m writing her up, another students is cursing at another student and walks over to me.
R: How you going to write her up for not doing anything?
Mr. C: Mind your own business.
R: Don’t tell me what to do. You don’t tell us what to do. I’ll get the principal.
Mr. C: We can get the principal, and I’ll tell them how you’ve been acting.
R: I don’t give a shit about no principal.
Mr. C: Apparently.
K walks back in:
K: Don’t even try to write me up!
Mr. C: I did write you up.
K: Fuck you!
Mr. C: Okay.
K: Fuck you, fuck this school and fuck this work you just gave me. Fuck your skinny ass, ugly as hell.
Mr. C: Well I’m ugly, what can I do about it?
K: Fuck you.
Their Educational Assistant walks in and I explain the situation and they take them both to ISS.
K: Fuck this school (kicks a chair).
Mr. C: See you guys next time.

Books on Tape

A discussion on pasta…
Mr. C: M, what are the two different types of pasta?
M: You irkin’.
Mr. C: I’m irkin’?
M: Yeah.
Mr. C: Because you cant answer a question, I’m irkin’?
M: (blank stare.)
Mr. C: It’s in the paragraph you just read.
M: (nothing)
Mr. C: What do you think it is J?
J: I hate reading; you sposed ta have a tape for these books so we can listen to ‘em.

Illegal Contraband

Morning in Homeroom:
K: I gotta question.
Mr. C: Yeah?
K: What is illegal contraband?
Mr. C: In the building or outside?
K: In here.
Mr. C: Weapons, drugs, pretty much anything you bring in the school that isn’t supposed to be here.
K: Oh.
Mr. C: Why?
K: One of the other teachers asked me that and I didn’t know what it meant so I asked you.
Mr. C: Well do you have illegal contraband?
K: I don’t know I might.
Mr. C: (Glare)
K: I’m just kidding.