Vegan Skate Shoes

I wore my skate shoes to work for the first time and my students noticed.

K: What kind of shoes is those?
Mr. C: They are ES shoes.
K: What is that?
Mr. C: They are skateboard shoes.
T: They aint got no animals in ’em right?
Mr. C: Thats right. They are vegan, made from all synthetic materials.
K: You know, I’m thinking about giving up my rap career and bein’ a professional skateboarder.
Mr. C: Well I used to want to be that too, and it didn’t work out for me, but I wish you the best.
K: Haha aight.


Court Rap

One of my 10th graders wrote this rap and gave it to me:

When I’m sittin’ in a courtroom
I say “Fuck you Judge.”
He say I got 25 to life.
I say “That’s fucked up cuz.”