Gun and Citation

First thing in the morning:
K: I missed my court date.
Mr. C: Oh yeah?
K: Yeah. And you know what, I’ll just be honest I don’t give a fuck, I might as well
do my time.
R: You might as well.
Mr. C: So what happened.
K: Remember that day I took off running during school?
Mr. C: Yes I do.
K: Well I went to the projects, and we were riding around in this car. Then this truck driver tried to run us off the road so I took the gun and I
stuck it out the window.
R: Ohhh.
K: That truck driver done called it in.
2 cops drive past us, and I was like “hey pull into this Macdonalds,”
and I threw the gun.
The cop pulled us over and I got a citation.
Mr. C: You threw the gun?
K: Yeah and I still got a citation, they went off what the truck driver said.
Mr. C: Well just be glad they didn’t find the gun.

No Lie

S started telling me this story at the end of the day.
S: I shot a damn dog in the head, no lie.
Mr. C: Why?
S: I had to. I was walkin’ down the road with a pistol in my pant.
I looked down and a dog grabbed my ass in the hand. Locked on and everything.
I pulled my gun out and straight killed his ass.
Mr. C: That’s terrible.
Unfortunately S is no longer at the school. I received an email saying that they had been sent off to a center and would be evaluated in 6 months.