Indefinitely Not

A question asked by one of my seniors during a lesson in my English class:
G: Is these are the indefinite pronouns?
Mr. C: Let’s just start over.

Truancy and Tattoos

A Senior missed a day of school and the discussion why led to even bigger things.

Mr. C: Why weren’t you here last Friday?
S: Yeah I got a tattoo.
Mr. C: That’s not a good enough excuse to miss school.
S: Well I missed the bus this morning, and my mom said she wouldn’t take me because she had somewhere to be.
Mr. C: How did you get to the tattoo shop?
S: Well I called my friend and he came and got me.
Mr. C: Why couldn’t your friend take you to school?
S: Well I went back to sleep and then I woke up at 10:30.
Mr. C: Oh, well you still have come to school.
S: Yeah…
Mr. C: So without a job, I have to ask, how did you get the money for a tattoo?
T: How you gon’ ask the girl about her money?
S: Well it’s a long story, and it’s kinda gross.
Mr. C: Okay.
S: Well I have this friend, and he offered me 26 dollars to suck his thang.
Mr. C: Oh.
S: But I didnt suck his thang! I washed his car and then he gave me 26 dollas.
Mr. C: Well first off I wouldn’t call that guy your friend.
S: I did the right thang!
Mr. C: Yes you did, but where do you go to get a $26 tattoo?
S: My friend took me to a guy’s house.
Mr. C: You went to a guy’s house to get the tattoo?!
S: Yeah.
Mr. C: That is not safe.
S: It was safe.
Mr. C: How is it safe?
S: Well I laid on his couch.
Mr. C: That wasn’t scary to you?
S: Nah, his girlfriend was comforting to me, she said: “We not goin’ kill you and stuff like that.”
Mr. C: Oh well, I definitely feel comfortable when you say something like that.
S: It was aight.
Mr. C: You have to be careful, you can’t put yourself in these situations.
S: I saw these girls doing coke, but I don’t do no dope or anything.
Mr. C: I am just worried that you trust people before they give you a chance not to. These situations could have been a lot worse. You have been very lucky. You just need to develop some boundaries.
S: I know.
Mr. C: I just want you to think before you act.

Thanks for Sharing

( A Senior went into the bathroom as some juniors went down to get their lunch with a teacher.  After waiting for a long time the senior came out of the bathroom as they were coming back up.)
Teacher:  Have you been in there since we went down to get our lunch?
S: Yeah, I had to take a shit.
Mr. C: Well thanks for telling everyone about it.
S: I don’t care.
Mr. C: That is obvious.
S: My stomach was hurting so you know.