Graduation Party

Last Friday was my Senior’s last day, they had their graduations this past weekend. Well on Friday two of my students walked out during dismissal which resulted in All Day ISS.
Mr. C: R You know you have all day today.
R: Oh man, I went all weekend not thinking bout it, and now I gotta do my time.
Mr. C: Yep.
R: And man Mr. C, I had a good weekend too.
Mr. C: Well that’s good.
R: I went to my cousin’s graduation. Then after my cousin’s graduation, I got high.
Then we went to a graduation party, we got high.
Everybody in the parties, my aunties and my granny’s just watched us,
and they knew I was getting high.
Mr. C: Alright I got it.
R: We got to the point where we couldn’t even stand.
Mr. C: How was the graduation?
R: How ’bout this Mr. C, she didn’t do a dance when they called her name. When they call my name, I’m about to shake it across the stage. She didn’t do nothin’!
Mr. C: Well she was probably was just trying to get it over with. She wanted to get her
diploma and seal the deal.
R: Hell yeah, before they tried to take it away from her.
Mr. C: Exactly. She worked hard for it.
R: Hell yeah.


J: Hey isn’t fuck a noun?
Mr. C: Well first off it’s a curse word. But technically it is a verb, but it can be used as an adjective.
J: Well no wonder I’m failing your class.


After one of my seniors finished their final:
J: M is out of jail now.
Mr. C: When did M go to jail?
J: M went to jail for kidnapping a dude for a hundred dollars. Remember when we were talking about it at lunch?
Mr. C: Oh you were serious?
J: Yeah.
J: He’s out of jail now, his girlfriend bonded him out.
Mr. C: What was his bail?
J: $105. She tried to get on facebook asking me “Can I have 50 dollars to get my boyfriend out of jail?”
Mr. C: Hmm.

The Real World

A conversation with Seniors:
S: We fixin’ to graduate N.
N: I know.
S: You ready to be out in the real world?
N: Yeah.
S: I’m not, I’m scared.
Mr. C: What are you worried about?
S: Cause I ain’t know how to do nothin’. I don’t know how to get a job. I
only had one interview.
Mr. C: Yeah, but you will learn.
S: Some of these students got put out when they turned 18. They didnt
have shit when they got put out. They just lost.
Mr. C: I know. It is rough.

This is so true, and I am scared for them.

Broken Nail Emergency

3rd block with seniors, very beginning of class:
S walks in.
S: Can I call my granny?
Mr. C: Why?
S: I just broke my nail, let me call my granny.
Mr. C: No.
S: It’s an emergency.
Mr. C: Breaking your nail is not an emergency.
S: My granny goin’ get mad at me.
Mr. C: Well you’re granny can’t do anything about your nail right now.
S: She gotta make an appointment for me.
Mr. C: I think that can wait until the end of class, it’s not that crucial.
S: Fuck this shit then. I’m gonna walk out.
Mr. C: Walk where? The office isn’t going to let you use the phone.
S: I ain’t doin’ no work today.
(She storms off and throws her book with her work on the floor.)
I walk over and help another student with their work and S walks over to my desk and proceeds to use the phone to call her granny.
Mr. C: S get off the phone.
I walk over and tell her once again to get off the phone.
S: No.
I unplug the phone from the wall.
S: Fuck this shit. She takes everything on my desk, papers, grade book, and pushes it off onto the floor and storms out.
Mr. C: S come back and pick this stuff up.
(She storms down the hall into the office.)
I call the office and tell them she is L.D.A. (leaving designated area)
I had to write her up for, LDA, defiance, disrespect, abusive language, and physical aggression.
Some of my students have very short tempers.
But they need to grow up.

Under the Prison

One of my seniors walks into the classroom.
Mr. C: Hey J, what’s going on?
J: I just got back from court.
Mr. C: How did it go?
J: They gave me 2 counts of life and 30 days.
Mr. C: What? That’s a long time.
J: I don’t know why they did that.
Mr. C: I don’t either?
J: They gon’ make sure I can’t get out.
Mr. C: It sounds like it.
J: If they could, they’d put me under the prison.
Mr. C: Ha.

Force Fed Pudding

One of my seniors brought some pudding into my class:
J: Mr. C you want some?
Mr. C: No I can’t eat that pudding.
J: You need to start eating!
Mr. C: I do eat, just not that
J: Mr. C gon make me come over to his house and force feed his ass.
S: Haha, put a tube down his throat.
Mr. C: That is not necessary.

New Swag

One of my seniors walks into my classroom and notices my haircut:
N: Mr. C you look different.
K: Yeah he got that new swag.
N: He look totally different.
Mr. C: You like it?
N: Yeah.
Mr. C: I dig it too.

Because You Told Me

Going over Subject Verb Agreement with Seniors:
Mr. C: What did you get for number 6?
S: Have.
Mr. C: Good, do you know why it is have?
S: Because you told me it was.
Mr. C: Well I’m not going to be telling you answers for the rest of your life, so we have to figure this out.
T: Haha.
S: Stop laughing T, it ain’t funny!

You ain’t my Gal

A conversation overheard between two Seniors in the cafeteria during lunch:

(Student gets up from table and walks towards the door.)
S: Where you goin’?
J: I’m leavin’.
S: But we spose ta eat lunch together.
J: Fuck yo lunch. You ain’t my gal. (walks off)

Harsh. These boys can be brutal.