During the break, I got my hair cut. It used to be long so it came as a shock to some of my students.
On the first day back from spring break, it became a topic of conversation.
The morning bell rings and one of my students walks down the hall:

K: Ah you got yo hair cut!
Mr. C: Yep, I took it all off, 8 inches.
K: My nigga got that Justin Bieber cut.
Mr. C: Justin Bieber is better than Jesus so I’ll take it.
K: Yeah I like it.
Mr. C: I’m saving a ton on shampoo too.
K: Haha.

Back from Spring Break!

After 2 weeks, school is back in session!

Spring Break 2013!!!!

School’s out for 2 weeks!

I made some changes to the site layout and background.
Back in April.

Black as Hell

While taking pictures before spring break:

J takes a picture of M and then they look at it.
J: You black as hell.
Mr. C: You can’t really see M.
J: How you gon’ be so black you can’t see you in the daytime. That’s fucked up.
Mr. C: We can turn the flash on.