Stealing Santa’s Sleigh

It’s Christmas time at the school so naturally Santa comes up. This was the end of one of the more interesting conversations:

K: If I had a chance, I swear ta god, I’d steal Santa’s sleigh and ride it around all night. I be goin’ evrywhere. And then I’d bring it back, and say:
“I’m sorry, I’ll be good next year. I don’t want to be on yo naughty list.”



1st block with my Seniors:

One of the teachers was absent this morning so I absorbed their class, which included 3 of my seniors from last semester that I don’t have this semester. While in the middle of cooking omelets, some students were around my desk being mischievous.
Mr. C: J get out of my chair, and S quit opening my drawers!
M: I ain’t gonna lie, you is one of our favorite teachers Mr. C. We wouldn’t steal from you.
Mr. C: I appreciate that M.
(fist bump)