Terrorize This

Coming downstairs after breakfast I passed one of my students.
Mr. C: What’s up K?
K: Oh what up Mr. C, where you at?
Mr. C: Upstairs.
J: Yeah he with us, we gon’ terrorize him.
K: Nah. Mr. C, that’s my nigga, he really black.

(I’m not really black.)

Huckleberry Finn

I have been teaching Huckleberry Finn, and I am showing an old film version to them as we read it. One of my students missed part of the movie and K was filling them in on what happened:
K: What about a nigga came to get Huckleberry, ya feel me.
And the father was like (makes gun motion) “He aint goin’ nowhere.”
Nigga said “Huckleberry, what you wanna do?”
And Huckleberry was like “I ain’t goin’ back to sum sumin widow.”
Mr. C: Right, and that is when Huck decides to stay with his father. But it is because he is planning an escape of his own.
K: That movie is right.
Mr. C: I told you guys you would like it.

Lock Down, Locked Up

One of the Assistants was arrested during a lock down today.
From the students and rumors I have reason to believe that one of the students planted a bag of weed in their bag.
One of my students was very upset about this.
K: They done got him locked up. They put some weed in a bag cuz.
All my real niggas is leavin’. If you go back downstairs, you tell my other teacher to kiss my nuts.
Mr. C: You know I’m not going to say that.
K: I ain’t gon’ listen to you. My homey been locked up.
Mr. C: I know, but standing out in the hall is not going to bring your homey back.
K: Yeah that’s true.
Mr. C: We are just going to have to wait and see what happens.

Physical Assault

I was forced by administration to file my first physical assault complaint on one of my students today.

I refused to press charges.

Jesus on the Side of the Road

Walking by some of the students at lunch:
P: Look Jesus cut his hair.
Mr. C: You don’t like it?
P: You look like one of dem junkies on the side of the road. Haha.
Mr. C: What’s that? (Cups hand over ear)
P: Nah I’m just playin’.
Mr. C: Oh okay, I thought you said something.

Pillow, Blanket, and Court Date

One of my students walked in at 7 and went to sleep on the tile floor of the classroom. After 2 hours they woke up and we had this conversation.

Mr. C: You ready to get up yet?
S: Nah, I’m going back to sleep. I been up for 4 days.
Mr. C: What?
S: I ain’t slept.
Mr. C: Why not?
S: I been stressed.
Mr. C: Stressed about what?
S: If I’m goin’ to jail or not.
Mr. C: Well what’s the latest?
S: I gotta go back to court. April 8th, at 1 aclock.
Mr. C: Well you just went so that’s not too bad if you have another one.
S: You gotta pillow and a blanket in here?
Mr. C: No, I do not.
S: Fuck.
(lays head back down and goes to sleep.)

TCAP and the Major Flaw of the Educational System

I have been preparing my 11th grade students for the TCAP writing prompt for weeks now. They have been writing about all kinds of different topics. I have been helping them structure their essays but told them they were on their own on the actual test. On the day of the test, I walked around and monitored them. I glanced at one of my students prompts and it read as follows:

The Department of Education has been doing studies on the benefits of single gender education as opposed to coeducation schools. Do you believe that single gender schools are more or less effective than coeducational schools in terms of concurrent, quantifiable academic accomplishments?

R: “Well I believe that schools should be boys and girls because if not than boys would get gay and that would be bad.”


I disagree with the method of standardized testing; across the board. I think tests should be catered to the students academic level of understanding. We cannot expect to test all students in one fail swoop because they all come from different backgrounds and learning environments. Some students have learning and cognitive disabilities and therefore cannot be expected to excel in a writing prompt. I believe that this is a major flaw in our education system.