A conversation with J:
J: Have you ever heard of Riff Raff?
Mr. C: No.
J: You don’t be watching TV?
Mr. C: No.
J: You need to get cable.
Mr. C: I don’t watch TV so why would I need to have cable?
J: Mr. C you be defeatin’ the purpose of all my ignicities.
Mr. C: All your what?
J: It’s a new word.
Mr. C: No it’s not a word.
J: Well I just made a new word.
Mr. C: Well what does it mean?
J: Stuff.
Mr. C: Stuff, just stuff?
J: Yeah just stuff.
Mr. C: Okay.
J: It be defeating the purpose, if you wanna sound smart you just say ignicities.
Mr. C: Alright.

I Want Gauges for Christmas

On the last day before the break, I asked the students about their holiday plans.
Mr. C: Are you going anywhere for Christmas?
D: I don’t know, I just hope I get the things on my list.
Mr. C: What is on your list?
D: ipad 4, xbox 360, game for my Wii, Hip Hop Dance Central, and a cell phone.
Mr. C: That is a lot of stuff!
D: I know, I really want a cell phone.
Mr. C: What kind?
D: Whatever one, as long as its not uh track phone.
Mr. C: I didn’t get a cell phone until I was in college, but then again they weren’t as popular as they are now.
D: Oh and I want umm… gauges. My momma takin’ me to get my gauges.
Mr. C: But your ears are not ready for gauges, that takes years.
D: Nah, I be gettin’ the gauges that make it look like I got gauges.
Mr. C: Well if you get gauges, you can’t go back, your ears will be changed.
D: I don’t want my ears to look nasty, I just want it to look like it.
Mr. C: What’s the point?
D: I don’t know, I just want them. I posted up on facebook the ones I wanted.
Mr. C: Well I guess I’ll see when you come back from the break.