New Swag

One of my seniors walks into my classroom and notices my haircut:
N: Mr. C you look different.
K: Yeah he got that new swag.
N: He look totally different.
Mr. C: You like it?
N: Yeah.
Mr. C: I dig it too.



This is the last week of school before the break and I am trying to get my students to take and finish their finals so I can grade them.

With a mug of tea in my left hand, and the final and pencil in right hand, I enter the gym to track down one of my students to give her the final to finish.
this is what transpired:

(walk up to student)
Mr. C: this needs to be finished before you leave (hands final and pencil)
T: (begrudgingly) Thank you Mr. C.

(walking back towards the gym doors)

N: You drinkin’ dat tea? (bouncing basketball)
Mr. C: Yep.

(continue walking towards the hall)

T: I like that swag you got.
Mr. C: thanks.

(exit through the doors)
(side note: i’m wearing an olive corduroy sport jacket, with gray slacks and skateboard shoes.)