I had a talk with my students:
Mr. C: Getting into trouble all the time is not good for your reputation. Do you know what I mean?
K: We know what reputation is, we ain’t slow. Like if I’m upstairs and I be diggin’ my finger in my nose, then people gon’ think I’m triflin’.
Mr. C: I didn’t say you were slow. That’s not exactly the same thing, but close enough.

Strict Probation

S missed yesterday because they went to court.
S: Mr. C you gotta help me stay out of trouble.
Mr. C: Oh yeah?
S: They got me on strict probation.
Mr. C: What does that mean?
S: Curfew 6 a’clock.
Mr. C: Man that’s early.
S: I wanted it, I wanna be in the house at 6.
Mr. C: To keep yourself out of trouble?
S: Yeah and they be searchin’ my room everyday.
Mr. C: Yeah?
S: When you see me doing something wrong. stop me.
Mr. C: Well you just have good behavior, that is up to you.
S: Yeah.